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When You develop the Ability to listen to Negative Comments without losing Temper or Confidence, It means You have become Matured & Truly Educated...!!!!

Greed even for a piece of straw, not to speak of precious things, produces sin. A greedless person, even if he wears a crown, cannot commit sin...

Bagho mein khila gul to nahi hu, lekin chubh jao kisi ko aisa kaanta bhi to nahi

मेरे सपने नहीं सीधे-साधे है गलतफेहमियाँ तो मिटा दे २ बार नहीं, १ बार सही १ रात की कर ले तू यारी

TIMING IS EVERYTHING. If it is meant to happen it will... At the Right Time. At the Right Place For the Right Reasons.

Life is truly a gift, You do not know what is in store each morning, Accept whatever you get with love, Because that is written in your destiny, That is life is only melody...

Never Stop doing Your Best, Just because Someone Does not Give You Credit. Truth Always Prevails & Good Quality Always gets Appreciated.

रोज़ तारों की नुमाइश में खलल पड़ता है ।ये चाँद भी पागल है , जो रोज अंधेरे में निकल पड़ता है ।

Ubalti chai si hai woh, Peene se jyada usse dekhne ka saukh hai mujhe

ये " सावन " का मौसम और घाट का किनारा ...!|" चाय " के दो कुल्हड़ और इंतज़ार तुम्हारा ...!

The most important part of our personality is our speech.. Because looks can gain only attraction, which is temporary... but speech can win hearts forever...


Start YOUR Day With This Belief... As Long As There Is SOMEONE In The Sky To Protect ME There Is NO ONE On Earth Who Could Break ME...

What you feel inside reflects on your face. So be happy and positive all the time...

Great thing about life is that It always gives you so many Chances & The Best part is, It never asks you, Why you failed last time...

कड़विहूँठ पी कर दुनिया की बातें सहता रहा पीने वाला शराब से नहीं , नशे से मोहब्बत करता रहा

इलाईची के दानों सा मुकद्दर है अपना , ।महक उतनी ही बिखरी ..पीसे गई जीतना ।

Pehla pyaar aur pehla pimple itni asaani se peecha nahi chodte...

Phir se gale laga liya use, Aaj ek chai ke chalte!

दिल लेना, दिल लेना जरूरी नहीं है इन बातों के सिवा भी बातें कई है १ लम्हें से जयदा की ख्वाहिश नहीं है फिर चाहे दोबारा न मिलना कही

रात बड़ी मुश्किल से खुद को सुलाया है मैंने , अपनी आँखों को तेरे ख्वाब का लालच देकर ....

Apparently everyone is busy with their life, their problems.. so if someone is making efforts to make u smile.. Appreciate it..!!

It is easy to do something in a wrong way, But difficult to continue. & It is difficult to do something in a right way, But easy to continue.

Life Is Too Ironic To Fully Understand. It Takes Sadness To Know Happiness. Noise To Appreciate Silence. And, Absence To Value Presence.

कभी शिद्दत की गर्मी , कभी बारिश की फुहारें , ये सितम्बर और मोहब्बत , समझ से परे हैं हमारे ...

One thing to learn from life is that getting upset will never sort out any issue, but getting UP to SET the things to right will help a lot in life...

"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend."

Smile does not necessarily mean u r happy....... sometimes it just means that u r strong enough to face every situation..

Ab toh chale aao yu barisho ke mousame roj roj chai ko aapki yadon me thanda krna achha nahi lagta hame

आज फिर चाय की मेज पर एक हसरत बिछी रह गयी , ..प्यालियों ने तो लब छू लिए , केतली देखती रह गयी ।

Heart is a very good fertilizer; Anything we plant – love, hate, fear, hope, revenge, jealousy… surely grows and bears fruit.   We have to decide what to harvest...

Unless you are prepared to give up something valuable U will never be able to truly change at all, because you will be forever in the control of things, you can not give up

Happiness Is a delicate balance BETWEEN What I want AND What I have. It is Inner JOY that can be sought. But can never be bought.

क्यूँ लम्हे खराब करें आ ग़लती बेहिसाब करें दो पल की जो नींद उड़ी आ पूरे सारे ख़्वाब करें

Forgiveness is the economy of the heart, it saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits...







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